Swappable Battery Packs for Levy Electric Scooters

Swappable battery packs for the Levy electric scooters

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Additional battery packs for the Levy and Levy Plus scooters.  Each battery pack can be charged separately or within the scooter. 

All of our batteries are UL 2272 certified.

Before ordering the Levy Plus battery, please check the pin configuration on your scooter (7 pin vs 3 pin)All Plus batteries are made with the 3-pin connectors now and the 7-pin is no longer available.

*Please note that Levy Light battery will not work with the Levy Plus and vice versa.

Capacity Model  Max Range
5.0aH Levy Light 8 miles
6.4aH Levy Light 10 miles
10.0aH Levy Plus 16 miles
12.8aH Levy Plus 20 miles


Levy Electric Scooters are UL certified, and battery packs are sealed in fireproof metal casing.  Learn more here 

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