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All Levy Scooters are equipped with puncture-resistant pneumatic tires. These tires feature a thick inner coating of rubber for durability, along with puncture-resistant outer treads for enhanced traction. An inner tube is also incorporated to minimize the possibility of leaks.

Tubed tire

Levy tires are designed for easy replacement, eliminating the need for special tools. The outer tire can be effortlessly removed by hand from either wheel, facilitating quick and simple changes of both the outer tire and the tube. Additionally, Levy tires offer a versatile pressure range of 40 to 60 PSI to suit rider comfort. Opting for a lower pressure enhances shock absorption and grip, while a higher PSI can boost speed. Furthermore, Levy tires feature a double valve sealed inner tube, ensuring leak prevention during rides. This design is compatible with any standard bike pump, making inflation straightforward and convenient.

Tubeless tire

Tubeless tires provide the same pneumatic shock absorption as tubed tires (as they are also air filled), but often don't have the durability of double sealed tires. When a tubeless tire develops a puncture, the whole tire will often need to be removed / replaced. Since they are similar to how car tires function, you may also be able to plug or patch the tire instead of replacing it. Since tubeless tires don't use inner tubes, and instead rely on a vacuum tight air seal around the rim of the wheel, you can sometimes repair the tire puncture by using tire slime or other tire sealants to stop the leak. However, using tire sealant requires the valve of the tire to be removed, thus fully deflating the tire and unseating it from the rim. To re-inflate the tire and properly set the bead of the tire around the rim, you will need a high pressure air compressor, usually only found in bike shops. A pressure of at least 120 PSI is needed to inflate these - as outlined in our install video here.

Solid rubber tire

The main benefit of solid tires is that they are fully puncture proof and require little maintenance. They only need to be replaced when the tread is worn through. All Levy wheels are compatible with Solid tires to be used as replacements. However, because they are not pneumatic, these tires do not provide any shock absorption compared to air-filled tires. We recommend them for riders that are primarily using smooth paved walkways and paths versus public roads, which often have potholes and broken pavement. The ride won't be quite as smooth with solid tires, especially if you are riding on rough pavement. Additionally, since these tires don't provide as much natural grip as air-filled tires, traction on wet surfaces will be reduced.

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