On-demand, monthly subscriptions

for $90/month. No activation fee. 

We are pleased to begin offering monthly subscriptions for our Levy and Levy Plus electric scooters starting at $90 / month, tax included.  Upgrade to the Levy Plus with double the range for just $120 / month.  


Start Now!

3 steps to get you riding

All payments and reservations happen through the Levy App .

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1. Register through the Levy App

We just need name, phone, email, and address to complete signup.  You must be 18 or older to subscribe. 

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2. Select your scooter and start

All scooters are picked up from 143 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002.  Payments are charged through your card on file via the app.

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3. Get riding 

Scooters come with a lock and charger.  Any mechanical breakdowns can be serviced by our team in the Lower East Side.

Trusted, affordable, and Easy

Try before you buy.

For everyday use

Lightweight and ultraportable

Levy scooters weigh only 27 lbs and can be folded up and carried in seconds. You can choose between pneumatic tires or solid puncture proof tires.  

Skincare cream
Eye Serum

Quick swap battery packs

The Levy Battery System

Levy batteries can be swapped out in seconds and charged externally and outside the scooter.  Subscriptions come with one battery.  The 6.4aH Levy Battery has a range of 8 miles, while the 12.8aH Levy Plus battery has a range up to 16 miles. 

Choose your Scooter

The Levy is our slightly lighter and easier to carry version at 27lbs, with a range of 8 miles.  The Levy Plus electric scooter weighs 31lbs and has a larger external battery with double the riding distance.  All scooters used in our subscription program are also available to purchase online. 

Create your account today

In addition to Monthly subscriptions, we also have hourly and daily short term rentals through the app.

Mobile App
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